What are the Arrow Advantages or, why should I take my business to you?

  1. No contracts required
  2. Customized services to match your needs
  3. Quarterly service for domestic crawling insects
    and rodents
  4. Seasonal monthly service for rodents and
    crawling insects
  5. Annual service for carpenter ants and other
    crawling insects
  6. Annual fall service for flying insects
    (Asian lady beetles, Box elder bugs, wasps, flies)
  7. Regular Monthly or Bi-monthly service for
    general insects
  8. Spring exterior service for wasps and spiders
  9. Mosquito abatement
  10. Free advice to help you solve the problem on your own
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What pest issues are common to lake home and vacation retreats?

Lakefront properties are characterized by conditions of high humidity. This can lead to bothersome mosquitoes and an abundance of other insect problems. In addition, lake homes are frequently uninhabited for extended periods, giving mice and other rodents reason to invade and seek a quiet, comfortable place to live. The healthy conditions around your lake home are especially conducive to wood-destroying organisms, particularly carpenter ants, and to predators such as spiders, which leave unsightly webs throughout our beautiful homes.

Why are special procedures necessary in serving customers with a second home?

If you own a second home in the lake country, when you get away to your beloved retreat the last thing you want is to be bothered by mosquitoes or an infestation of mice. Arrow understands. We are ready to help ensure that when you want to get away and relax, you won’t have to contend with the headaches and hassles of an invasion of pests. Furthermore, we live in this area where we work. We strive to maintain a beautiful, healthy pest-free environment for both our customers and our families as well. Consideration is always given to the amount and method of application of our materials to ensure maximum gain with minimal cost or exposure to our environment. We drink the same water and breathe the same air, and eat the same locally grown foods as do our customers, their families and friends.

How would you describe Arrow’s commitment to safe practices?

Under Wisconsin and Federal Law, we are not allowed to treat in such a manner that we will affect non-target organisms. We specifically investigate any given problem, identify the source, consult about our methods, and then choose one which is ecologically sound, scientifically proven, and guaranteed to provide just what our customers are hiring us to do. We will do nothing to endanger our own staff, and subsequently, the clients who hire us to help them.

What can we expect when we call Arrow Pest Control with a problem? How long will it take to solve?

So much depends on the nature of the problem. We return phone calls or inquiries the same day. Most problems can be discussed over the phone with one of our technicians, who will actually be the one to visit your residence should you hire us. We will give you a price, based on the information you provide to us, and can schedule a visit at your convenience on that initial phone call. Typically results are guaranteed with a free callback if required during the first 45 days following treatment. For on going problems, many different recurring services are also available without contract.

Will your application hurt my pets or children?

No, our product will not harm your pets or children. We are not allowed to treat in such a manner as to affect non-target organisms. It is illegal and unconscienceable to do business in any other manner. We always follow manufacturer’s label directions when it comes to treatment methodology for any given problem involving application of materials. Not all solutions involve use of pesticides; they are only one tool in our Integrated Pest Management toolbox.

Mosquitoes are bugging me. How can I enjoy my backyard?

If the thought of blood-sucking mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your deck or backyard, Arrow has a proven strategy to help you regain your outdoor space.
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